Sunday, 6 September 2009


i can't get it out of my head
this new friendship that we share
slowly getting to know each other
when spending more time together

i'm starting to like you
i know my parents already do
a real gentleman and a guy with ambitions
how can anyone not fall for your charms

as i play with your hair and brush it with my fingers
it all seems just so normal, comfortable and so right
as you stand close to me, i take in your scent
i smile and sigh, hoping i wasn't too obvious

i'd miss you when you're not around
'cause you keep me company when i'm alone
real thoughtful as you lend me your books
oh couldn't you just get any sweeter at all

i immediately smile when anyone says your name
and i might talk about you, just a little bit too much
my heart's restless when i don't see you around
even more when you are and don't say hi

i don't want to jinx anything by overthinking this
if we ever we become more or remain just friends
that's all in the future we'll have to wait and see
for now, i'll simply make the most of this friendship we share


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