Monday, 6 July 2009

my beshie, my bestfriend

we don't talk everyday
although we both wish we did
we haven't seen each other for a while
as we're both on different sides of the world

being apart from family or a 'boyfriend' is hard
but being apart from a bestfriend is as bad
actually sometimes it could be worse
i should know, that's how i feel

but then again, so what if we're far apart
our friendship doesn't end 'cause we're not together
truth be told, our friendship only gets stronger
as we both work on keeping the connection

yes, circumstances change as do we
with each day, we grow older, a bit more mature
going through different things and learning
but still somehow exactly know what each other is feeling

we understand each other in a away no one else can
never afraid to show my true self when i'm with you
i miss your hugs eventhough you say i'm hugging myself
and though miles apart, i can always count on you

i miss just hanging out and our inside jokes ;P
then we'll be rocking to kelly clarkson tunes
and there's our never-ending conversations
oh there's no way i can miss anyone more

we both got big dreams we want to fulfill
but life could get crazy and stand in our way
we'd been through interesting 'relationships', drama, ups and downs
but i knew there's one guy who wouldn't break my heart

one day, we could be roomies in a beautiful european city
doing what we always do when we're together
but until then, phone calls and im's do just fine
knowing very well there's someone who'll always be there for me

bottom line is i really miss my beshie
and i love him 'cause he's family to me
remember 'beshies for life!', a promise i'd like to keep
actually more than a promise, it's a lifelong commitment i made. :))

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