Thursday, 16 July 2009


sometimes i wish i was younger
everything was very much simpler than it is now
carefree, young and life was easy
whenever i get a new toy, i was happy

sometimes i wish i was still in highschool
understanding much less than i do now
new experiences with friendship, shool and love
creating memories to remember forever

now i'm older and more mature
no longer a teenager in high school
or a little kid with a brand new toy
but a young adult all grown up

i hope i'm ready, i hope i'll be okay
can i do this alone? well, i got to try
i'm not perfect and i'm not trying to be
in fact, i'm still learning with each experience

no one ever said growing up was gonna be easy
but that never stopped us from having fun
one thing i know for sure, is that whatever happens in the future
i've got great friends with me to enjoy this ride

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