Monday, 29 June 2009

i'd know

i'm searching for you - longing for you
i feel my heart beating faster and faster
it must sense you near - oh what to do
my feet start running to get closer to where you are

i stop, feeling completely dazed
unsure of what my next step would be
how am i suppose to find you in this crowd
when your face is all i want to see

i don't really know what you look like
all i have is my heart telling me i'd know
i'd know when i look you in the eyes
and you give me the smile i'm dreaming of

i'd know by you hand-brushed hair and the crooked smile
that cheeky grin that could make my heart melt
and you'd be wearing your favorite shirt
that brings out the color in your eyes

i'd know that as i come closer to you
my heart starts to beating like crazy
and my stomach is filled with butterflies
then for a moment, i forget to breathe.

i blink once, and then one more time
i need to make sure this is real
i drown out the noise of the crowd around me
as nothing else would matter when say 'hi'.

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